Kadak Collective

Kadak Collective

Kadak is a collective of South Asian womxn and queer folk who work with graphic story-telling of different kinds. An ever-expanding group of creators, they work on self-authored projects and zines.

For Kadak’s ‘Bystander Anthology’, I collaborated with Sinthujan Varatharajah for our piece called “She Was My Sister.” The anthology is a collection of stories from 51 artists and writers about geography and gender, identity and self, boundary and exclusion through the lens of the experience of the ‘other’– the bystander.

Sinthu and I’s contribution explores the idea around centres and peripheries, concentration and isolation, distance and proximity in exile through the perspective of a young Eelam Tamil person living in a small isolated village in Europe.

These illustrations were created in Procreate and Illustrator. The typography used is ‘Neythal’ by Tamil Typography (@tamiltypography).

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